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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday...In the Park...I Wish it was the Fourth of July!

Cousin Gingy came to stay with my today. We had fun playing in the house. We play this game call "Guess the scent". It is so, so fun. First, I sniff her butt. Then I try to guess the scent until I get it right. Then she sniffs my butt. I almost always win. Ginger doesn't have my experience.

Mommy went downtown with Auntie Janine. They looked at different hospitals where Auntie Janine might possibly work. Then they got Starbucks and walked around Riverside. Mommy liked it, and part of her wishes she lived out there. But could she really leave the beach? She'd have to find a new hairstylist and a new groomer for me. What a pain that would be!!

Oh, and the 45 minute commute to work might suck, too.

Well, she's back home now with Auntie Nini and we're just chilling out. Zoey wants to get online...she needs to check her myspace.


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