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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

seven weeks and counting

Poor Mommy, she is under a lot of stress lately. Work is really beginning to wear her down. The end of the year is always a mad dash to the finish - awards ceremonies, five spring sports, fieldtrips, not to mention all the extra stuff piled on by administrators, parents being grumps - oh yeah and the whole TEACHING that is supposed to go on for the next seven weeks. Yuck, I wouldn't want that job.

And as far as fieldtrips go, Mommy is done. The sad thing is that the adults are the ones who ruin it - complaining about things that no one can help!! Not being polite or even grateful!! Trying to get money back because their kid had a bad time!! Grr...who knew adults could act so much like children? Way to set the example, losers.

But, the weekend is looking up for Mommy - beach volleyball and a relaxing Saturday. Hopefully the weather will clear up for some nice beach time.

We'll see.

Mommy had a boy come by and pick her up the other night. I sniffed his shoes. No judgment yet, but I am on alert.



Blogger stephanie said...

i hope the weather clears up, too!!!! i need the beach!

1:57 PM  

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