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Welcome to my world. I'm Puck, the world's most loveable mutt. I'm old, I'm smelly, and I'm my mommy's biggest fan. She's young, sexy, and obviously bored. Won't you read along as my life unfolds...my fabulous, fabulous life as a dog...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm Sorry (so sorry)

Well, I guess I didn't do a very good job of keeping you updated. And I'm sorry. But really, what's a doggy to do when his beloved master of a mommy leaves him for nearly three weeks to shed alone at her parents boring house? Hmm?

Needless to say, Mommy is back from Montreat and I again have internet access. Here are some great things about Mommy's return:
  • Her MOOD! She has been so happy for numerous reasons. Obviously, she couldn't stand being away from me for so long, for one. Occassionally, we break into song...REUNITED and IT FEELS SO GOOD!! Another reason - dare I say it - she reunited with her old friend THE LORD. Not that they've necessarily been apart for long, but Montreat is a place where Mommy can celebrate, worship, and praise God day in and day out and not get funny looks for it. Mommy was also fairly happy to come home to Jacksonville. She kept saying, "Oh, I missed you little house" and "Oh, I missed you funky smell of Intracoastal Low Tide." Even Zoey got an "I missed you, my evil one."
  • Her MONEY! She has none. She spent it all at Auntie Hilary's house and on silly shirts that say things like "Have you hugged a Presbyterian today?" So she doesn't leave the house for fear of raking up credit card debt. Which means she is home all day with me to scratch my belly and pick my fleas! HOORAY!!!
  • Her MAJESTY! At least, that's what I call Mommy now that she's back. Don't get me wrong, I love my Gpa Steve and Gma Sally, but they just don't love me like my mama. I missed her so much when she was away - some nights I whined myself to sleep! When Mommy came home it was like magic.

Mommy told me all about her trip. She made lots of new friends and is still thinking about going to work for the church. We don't know if she'll do it yet, but we'll see. I might like Virginia. I might like snow. But I like the beach, too. We'll see.

I'm a sleepy pup, and I must venture off to dreamland. But I'm already in Heaven, sleeping on the end of my Mommy's bed, curled up on her comforter and watching her dream.