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Welcome to my world. I'm Puck, the world's most loveable mutt. I'm old, I'm smelly, and I'm my mommy's biggest fan. She's young, sexy, and obviously bored. Won't you read along as my life unfolds...my fabulous, fabulous life as a dog...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April Showers Bring More Fleas...

Whew, what a trip it was! I had so much fun at Grandpa Steve and Grandma Sally's. Mommy and I arrived around four p.m. on Friday. Right away Mommy gave me a bath. I really needed one! The fleas have been attacking me. Mommy also put some expensive flea medicine on me. She's having a fit because it seemed to lessen the number of fleas, but didn't make them all go away. Even the bath didn't seem to help to much except make me less smelly. But I still like Mommy giving me the bath better than the groomer. Don't get me wrong, my groomer is very nice, but I always prefer Mommy.

On Friday night Mommy went out with Auntie Janine. They had dinner and then went out with an old friend of Auntie Janine's. I stayed home with Cousin Ginger. I ate her dinner when no one was looking. HA! Mommy came home super happy because she saw one of her friends from high school that she hadn't seen in a long time. Mommy misses her friend Jessica!

On Saturday Mommy left for awhile to hang out with her friend Jenni. I always liked Jenni. Them Mommy came home and ate dinner with the family. Then she and Auntie Janine dyed some Easter eggs. I saw Cousin Ginger looking at those eggs but I didn't think anything of it at the time.

The next morning Mommy's neice and nephew, Sadie and Darren, came over to hunt for eggs. Mommy and Auntie Janine had hidden them earlier that day. Well, all of a sudden Aunt Janine rushes into the house yelling at Cousin Ginger, who had snuck into the backyard. Turns out - Ginger was going behind Mommy and Auntie Janine and eating all the eggs they hid in the bushes! Now, as an old pup, I know much better. First of all, those eggs are bound to give anybody a stomach ache. And secondly, they weren't for Ginger - they were for little kids!! Lastly, that's just plain sneaky behavior. (If only she had let me in on it!!)

Well, Monday came and Mommy and I headed home. I love the drive home with Mommy. Every time she sees the St. Johns she says, "Look Buddy! The river! We're almost home!!"
It is nice to have a place to call home. When we got there, Zoey was so excited! She came running up to the door and kissing Mommy's feet with her scratchy cat tongue.

After being home for a bit, Mommy wanted to spray for fleas and vacuum the floor. She had to put me out on the porch, which is fine by me, but Zoey got really scared. I don't know why she was so scared but she peed all over herself! Mommy was so sad for Zoey, she picked her up and rushed her inside and wrapped her up in a towel. I don't think Zoey liked that, because she was screaming. Mommy didn't know what to do, so she put Zoey inside her kitty carrier and covered it with a towel. Thankfully, that worked. Zoey stopped howling and Mommy finally got to vacuum. Mommy felt so bad for making Zoey pee herself that she gave her a can of tuna which she only does on holidays.

Lucky cat. I know better than to pee myself and I never get anything!

Oh well. Mommy closes on her condo May 26th! Paws crossed!! I'll have to write more later. My manly areas need some sniffing.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


We. Are. Going. To. Woof. See. Grandpa. Steve. This. Weekend. Oh. Boy. I. Am. So. Excited. Woof! I. Have. To. Go. Pack.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

for fun

This is Mommy(left) and Auntie Kristin at the school where they work. This was a track meet from last week, where Mommy sold tickets and Kristin cheered on the students. Uncle Jeff is a track coach. GO SENATORS!

Closing = Stress!

Dog oh Dog, was Mommy ever stressed out last night. She had gotten a million phone calls from people thinking that she was supposed to close on her condo YESTERDAY! Even though she called people to straighten it out, I guess there were more people involved who didn't get the message. Mommy doesn't understand why they can't communicate to each other if they are working in the SAME OFFICE!

She came home and plopped on the couch. She was too tired to move. She looked at me and said, "My baby, I hate money." Then she explained that the people who approved her loan had all of her information screwed up and she'll need to show that she has more money than she has. How you do that - I don't know. I know if I have a certain amount of doggy biscuits I can't magically make more appear. Mommy said it just means a lot of scrimping and saving between now and then, so I don't know if I'll be going to the groomer anytime soon.

In other news, Mommy says she's getting an "additional" job next year that will help us pay the bills! She will be involved with the sports program next year but she won't coach anything. She'll be a liason between the coaches and the downtown office, providing them with all the paperwork and information that they need. It is supposed to be hectic but worth the money. Hopefully it means she won't have to sell a bunch of tickets to sports game just to make ends meet.

Auntie Nini came to stay with us last weekend. She brought Cousin Ginger. I like having Ginger on my turf. It helped me with the "separation" of Mommy being gone. Also, Auntie Nini is very nice to me and picks the fleas off my belly. The only thing I didn't like was the way Ginger jumped up on Mommy's couches when she thought no one was looking. Those couches are brand new! When Zoey tries to attack them with her claws I try to stop her. But I couldn't budge Gingy off those couches. Grr.... if I'm not allowed on them no doggy is.

That's all the news that is news. Oh gosh, where did I get that saying? I think it was my ex-daddy Josh who used to say it. So I'll close this with - that's all the news you get, suckers! PTFO! That's PKMF style. It suits me.