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Welcome to my world. I'm Puck, the world's most loveable mutt. I'm old, I'm smelly, and I'm my mommy's biggest fan. She's young, sexy, and obviously bored. Won't you read along as my life unfolds...my fabulous, fabulous life as a dog...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Oh Boy! Two days til closing!! We're getting so excited!!

Hmm, in some not so exciting news, Mommy was very sad last night. She came home from work very upset because her students' FCAT scores came in and were not that great. She felt like she failed the kids, or didn't give them enough help, or just plain let them down. So many of them were crying and looking to her for answers and she just didn't know what to tell them. It really made her sad to see kids go down a level. She said it also slightly embarrasses her in front of her peers. The administration always builds her up to be some great person that she feels she can't live up to. Maybe she just lacks the self-confidence sometimes. I believe in Mommy though, and she shouldn't doubt herself.

In other news, tonight Auntie Kat is coming over to help Mommy pack. No more slacking!

I can't wait to see my new house. If you can't wait either, look here.


Monday, May 22, 2006

You'd never know that...

Hey Mommy - Ever wonder what we do while you're at work? Well -- we sleep! Here's the proof.

Are you jealous now?

Don't Zoey's markings look so pretty in the light? She looks like marble. Only don't tell her I said so.

Speaking of Zoey...here's a good shot of her,

looking evil.

Well, I must get going. Many things to sniff.


Are we there yet?

Wow. Mommy is only four days away from closing. She's nervous, overwhelmed, and really excited! Today she needs to start packing, though, because the house is still a wreck! She had to go to Ocala yesterday, so I can understand why she didn't get much done. But Saturday all she did was nap and hang out at the beach with Uncle Jeff! That slacker!!

Hmm...well, Zoey and I are trying to prepare ourselves for the move. Zoey is tearing up the carpet as much as possible because she knows it won't be allowed at the new house. I am trying my best to leave as much of my hair behind as doggily possible. Mommy is going to become vacuum nazi at the new house. I can just sniff it.

I don't have much to pack, and what I do have, Mommy will pack for me. I just need to make sure my cookies don't get lost in the move. Mommy will probably slack off and not buy me a new box for a whole month!

Speaking of months, Mommy told me yesterday that she would probably be gone for most of the month in July. I'm going to be sent to Grandpa Steve's. I like it there, and everyone is very nice, but I know it is going to be so hard to be away from Mommy. She is my everything and without her my tail just isn't worth wagging.

Oh well. I don't want to think about it anymore. I'll try to think of something happy instead.


Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm too sexy for this blog...