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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday...In the Park...I Wish it was the Fourth of July!

Cousin Gingy came to stay with my today. We had fun playing in the house. We play this game call "Guess the scent". It is so, so fun. First, I sniff her butt. Then I try to guess the scent until I get it right. Then she sniffs my butt. I almost always win. Ginger doesn't have my experience.

Mommy went downtown with Auntie Janine. They looked at different hospitals where Auntie Janine might possibly work. Then they got Starbucks and walked around Riverside. Mommy liked it, and part of her wishes she lived out there. But could she really leave the beach? She'd have to find a new hairstylist and a new groomer for me. What a pain that would be!!

Oh, and the 45 minute commute to work might suck, too.

Well, she's back home now with Auntie Nini and we're just chilling out. Zoey wants to get online...she needs to check her myspace.


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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Let's Just Be Friends

Oh, and I had nothing to worry about with that boy. Stupid boy.


Mommy has started her own blog! Read it!!

In other news...my life has been very exciting lately! I have been licking myself, and scratching myself, and biting myself. WOW!! I have never felt so fulfilled before.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

seven weeks and counting

Poor Mommy, she is under a lot of stress lately. Work is really beginning to wear her down. The end of the year is always a mad dash to the finish - awards ceremonies, five spring sports, fieldtrips, not to mention all the extra stuff piled on by administrators, parents being grumps - oh yeah and the whole TEACHING that is supposed to go on for the next seven weeks. Yuck, I wouldn't want that job.

And as far as fieldtrips go, Mommy is done. The sad thing is that the adults are the ones who ruin it - complaining about things that no one can help!! Not being polite or even grateful!! Trying to get money back because their kid had a bad time!! Grr...who knew adults could act so much like children? Way to set the example, losers.

But, the weekend is looking up for Mommy - beach volleyball and a relaxing Saturday. Hopefully the weather will clear up for some nice beach time.

We'll see.

Mommy had a boy come by and pick her up the other night. I sniffed his shoes. No judgment yet, but I am on alert.


Friday, April 06, 2007

we don't have cable

Hey Zoey, let's stare at the wall.......

This is what happens when you don't want to pay $90 a month for entertainment. You make your own. Or rather, your mother decides it would be fun to take interesting photos of you laying on the floor.

Actually, she took this shot after our distastrous two mile walk, during which I busted open my paw and had to get stitches. Yeah, it was awesome.

Animal cruelty, anyone?

I'm done looking at the wall. What should we do now? Lick ourselves?


The perfect Friday night with Mommy means:

1. Publix sushi
2. Steve Martin movies
3. Low-fat ice cream in large quantities
4. No cell phone
5. Laughing out loud by herself

and not thinking about certain loser guys who do not call you back, or send you a courtesy I'm not interested email, or just seem to have bad manners, or anything of the above things.