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Welcome to my world. I'm Puck, the world's most loveable mutt. I'm old, I'm smelly, and I'm my mommy's biggest fan. She's young, sexy, and obviously bored. Won't you read along as my life unfolds...my fabulous, fabulous life as a dog...

Friday, March 31, 2006

I said, "Who runs this motha?"

Today Mommy said, "Steve? Steve WHO?"

I was glad to hear it.

Mommy has been talking about volunteering at the local humane society. I have mixed emotions about this. On one paw, I think it is a good idea. I used to live at a shelter when I was a little bitty puppy, and I remember the volunteers were very sweet to me. I like the idea of mommy being sweet to other puppies. On the other paw, I don't like the idea of mommy being sweet to other puppies. She's MY mommy - why does she have to go play with other doggies in her spare time? On another paw (remember, I have four), I'd hate to see mommy sit around and mope all summer long. She needs something to do! And if she's out helping other animals, they will find happy homes to live in, just like I did. But on the last paw, I still prefer mommy to be with me.

You see? Mixed emotions.


Thursday, March 30, 2006

exit Steve, stage left

Well, it ended last night. Steve told mommy that he thinks they would make better friends. She was angry and upset. I can't blame her. She thought this was going someplace serious. They had talks about their relationship. He talked about taking her away for the weekend. But then last night he told her their was no chemistry, no spark, no magnetism between them.

Mommy looked like she wanted to cry. I ran and hid in the bedroom.

I heard him tell her he was sorry, and that he still wanted to be her friend. Mommy stood her ground and didn't let a tear drop fall. She told him that he shouldn't of let it go as far as it did, and that he should have told her this last week when he realized it. He shouldn't of tried to force himself to do something if he didn't want to do it. She said she appreciated his honesty, but she had enough friends, and she didn't need a new one.

Then she told him to leave.

And he did.

When he left, she cried. I tried to comfort her as best as I can, but sometimes its best just for Mommy to let it all out.

I have faith, though. Today she smiled at me, told me she was sorry, and that things were only going to get better.

I hope she's right.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

And the award for biggest slacker goes to...

Well, Mommy was on Spring Break last week. She's so lazy. She didn't do her laundry until the last minute. That slacker!

Steve finally did call Mommy that night. Turns out he got in real late on Thursday, and wanted to wait until she got off work on Friday to call. They went out and had a good time. Mommy spent the night over there. That's all I have to say about that.

When Mommy got home she sat me down to have a "talk". She told me that she and Steve had had a "talk" and they decided they aren't going to see anybody but each other. She said it was very important for her to discuss this with him, and she wanted me to know that I would be seeing a lot more of him. I'm ok with it. I like him enough. He laughs a lot, which make Mommy happy. He came over one night last week and they cooked dinner together. Mommy had such a good time. They were just hanging out in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Steve is really easy going - no criticizing, no critiquqing, just fun.

We dig it.

Mommy also took me on a trip that week! We went to visit Auntie Janine and Cousin Ginger. Mommy had some stuff to bring Aunt Nini for her apartment and she wanted to help Auntie Nini feel better. She had a bad, bad stomach virus. Mommy knows what its like to feel all sick and not have anyone around to help you. And boy did Auntie Nini need help! Mommy said she looked like death warmed over and I had to agree. We didn't stay very long, but I liked seeing Ginger. She's my best canine friend.

Now Mommy is back in the swing of things - going to work. Last night she had a dinner date with Steve. She's a little stressed about this condo business...she doesn't know what she's doing!! Its all a process you have to learn as you go. She keeps having dreams about how she will decorate, then she comes to her senses and realizes that she doesn't have any money to decorate with! Oh well, that's what housewarming parties are for!!

I need to get back to napping now. Woof.

Friday, March 17, 2006


I know Mommy is at work, I know she's not here talking to me, but I know what she's thinking.

Right now she's sitting at her desk. She's on the computer. She decides to check match.com, and she probably noticed that Steve has signed on to his account in the past 24 hours. Now, does Mommy get excited that he's home, or does she get upset that he didn't call her? It all depends on what time he got home yesterday. He said that they would do something tonight, so Mommy turned down all the other offers made to her to go out tonight.

I hope for Steve's sake that he calls, because Mommy made plans for Saturday.

Speaking of Mommy's Saturday plans, you'll never believe who is coming to visit. Since I know you'll never guess I'll just tell you. Its Jonah. Mommy's old, old, old boyfriend. I was just a young pup when I first met him. Needless to say I wasn't impressed with him. I used to pee on his feet all the time, hoping it would deter him from coming over to see my Mommy. But alas, even doggy urine can't keep men away from her. I'll be interested to see if he's changed at all. Mommy enjoys talking to him on the phone every now and then, she always laughs up a storm.

I hope she has fun but only in the friendship way. I tried to tell Mommy that when she was vacuuming last night, and I think she understood. She just rolled her eyes and told me to go lay down.

So, the question of the day today is, "Where's Steve?".

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

so fresh and so clean

Well, Mommy finally gave me a bath last night. It was about time, I can't remember the last time I went to the groomer. I was staring to stink so bad that even I didn't want to be around my smelly self. Steve said something about it the other night. Mommy told him his hair smelled nice (I bet money he uses a girly shampoo) and he said, "You're just used to smelling Puck".


Now, I know I'm a smelly mutt. In fact, I think that being a dog sort of entitles you to a certain amount of stink. But let's get serious here. I'm the only man in Mommy's life at this point, and I don't appreciate him just busting out with the insults. Ok, maybe I'm being a little bit sensitive, but I don't like anyone but Mommy pointing my stankness out to me.

I guess its irregardless now, because I'm clean...but the bathroom floor is another story.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Mommy was so happy last night. She was dancing around in a happy crazy-woman's jig. She got the good news that her loan application was approved and she has financing for her house! She feels more relaxed now that one big obstacle is overcome. Her realtor said, "Now you can start celebrating!" but Mommy still says, "No way, not until I've got the keys in hand."

In other Mommy news, she has been seeing a lot of Steve lately. This past Saturday they went to St. Augustine. Then they went to his house (I'm assuming, because Mommy's jeans smelled different) to watch a movie. I think they were kissing in the car for a long time...ok, I know they were, I was syping on them. Again. I can't help it.

I think Mommy is confused about how she feels about Steve. She really likes him, but she doesn't know if the spark is there or not. But she's decided to give it time and see how things develop. One interesting thing is that he is RELATED to good friends of ours from Ocala - The Aschlimans. It makes him even more attractive to Mommy because she has always thought of the Aschlimans as good people.

So, a lot is going on for Mommy! A new house, a new friend, a new year! She thinks 2006 may be the year of the LINDS.


ps--next week is Mommy's Spring Break! She'll be HOME!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Mommy thinks dating is stressful.

She doesn't like this whole "who's supposed to call whom game". She doesn't want to come on too strong but she wants to make things happen for herself. She hates waiting. She's so impatient. She wants someone to tell her, "I like you, I think you're fun, this is what I'm thinking..." but she doesn't know what she's thinking.

She's putting too much emphasis on this.

I don't know if Steve will last. Part of me hopes he does. Part of me doesn't. I like having Mommy to myself, but I'd like her to have some company, too. Being alone for too long isn't good for Mommy. We both know how bad it can get. Mommy feels the same I think...she likes the pattern she's in, she's got her own routine. But that doesn't mean that something new can't be added to it. Poor mommy, she's got too much on her mind.

Tonight she's abandoning me yet again to eat dinner with Auntie Kat and Auntie Kristin. She keeps talking about some project having to do with planes (runway something or other). I hope she has fun, seeing as how I'll be home alone crying my eyes out because she's gone.

I feel like crying now. Woof.

Monday, March 06, 2006

enter Steve, stage right

So, I met this guy who took my mommy out. I don't know what I think. He came to pick her up on Saturday, and then on Sunday he came over and hung out with her for a little bit. He was nice, but he didn't really seem to want to pet me. I was doing all my tricks, rolling around on the floor, showing my hairy belly, reaching out my paw for him to shake - and NOTHING! Maybe he needs some time to warm-up to me. I think I'll give him another chance.

My mommy seems to have given him a chance. I peeked through the blinds and some them kissing in his car last night. I guess my approval doesn't mean that much to her anymore.

Mommy was also very stressed about trying to find financing for her condo this weekend. She talked it through with her realtor, though, and things are looking up. It looks like her deposit is going to cover the closing costs, which means Mommy won't have to pay that much to move in. She says she's not going to relax about it until she signs on the dotted line and is handed the keys, but I hope she doesn't overstress until then.

I wish Mommy would hurry home. Zoey is stinking up her litter box and I can't take it much longer!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

I love it when she smiles...

Oh my goodness, Mommy was in the BEST MOOD this week. She had an amazing day on Wednesday. Now, I was a little bit upset on that day, because she didn't get home until about six. She rushed in the door, threw the leash on me and dragged me down the steps. She kept telling me to hurry when I was looking for a good dumping location, and then she dragged me back up the steps again. I barely got to say hello or how was your day before she jumped in the shower and locked me out of the bathroom. As I lay my head against the door, I could hear her singing in the bathtub. It went something like this...

"Movin on up!
To the east side...
To a dee-lux condo
in the sky-aye-aye..."

Then she got out of the shower and blow-dried her hair. She put on some pretty clothes and left me AGAIN!! But before she left me she kissed me on the head and said, "I think this is it Buddy. We're gonna be ok from now on."

When she finally came home around eleven o'clock, I was FURIOUS! I mean, we barely got to spend five minutes together and for two of those minutes - I was pooping!! I think Mommy needs to watch my fiber intake. Anyway, she walked in with a huge smile on her face. She flopped down on the floor next to me and rolled me over to scratch my belly. She must have known I was so mad. She even pushed Zoey (who had come over to cry about not having any food in her dish) away so we could cuddle up together. Then she told me everything that happened to her that day.

First, after school she couldn't come let me out because she went to look at another "condo". She found one that she really liked and put money down on it. She signed a lot of papers that scared her, and she didn't tell me right away because she didn't want me to worry. She also had a date! Normally, I get a little jealous of the men in her life, but I listened patiently to all the details. When she goes on these dates (maybe once a month), she never comes home too excited. But this time she was happy. She said his name is Steve.

"Like Grandpa Steve?" I asked.
"Well, he's nice like Grandpa Steve," she said, "but this is very different."
"Oh, I see. Go on. Woof."

She said they met online, through a match.com website. (Hey, I wonder if they make those for big doggs like me!) They went out to dinner and then the conversation was going so well that they went across the street for a drink! She said they had a lot in common, and that he was very easy-going. And cute. They made plans to go out again this Saturday. He is coming to pick her up and I hope I get to meet him. I will have to sniff him out and give Mommy my full opinion. If I smell loser I'm going to LET HER KNOW!

Well, it looks like I'm moving to a new house (paws crossed for good luck) and that my mommy, at the very least, has a new friend who she will be spending time with now. I am happy for mommy but I can't help but be a little sad. I love her so much, and she's not around a lot. I hope this new house will be so nice that she'll never want to leave!!